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What am I worth? United States Postal Worker Carrier. Postal Service Mail Carrier. Find out what you should be paid Use our tool to get a personalized report on your market worth.Asked August 27, Answered February 2, When u make it to PTF do u have to take a exam and pass? If u don't pass u will loose your job. What do the test question's consist of? Yes, you would then qualify for all of the above. Answered September 17, I believe the hourly pay rate is The only thing that I don't receive is holiday pay because I was told that it is calculated into our hourly rate.

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I've been a PTF for almost 2 years and now at Hope this helps! Help job seekers learn about the company by being objective and to the point. Your answer will be posted publicly.

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View all 4, questions about United States Postal Service. What would my pay be if I make it to the next level, PTF. How much would that raise be, And then would I qualify for insurance and benefits and paid time off? Upvote 1 Downvote 2. Report answer. Upvote 4 Downvote.

Answered September 17, I believe the hourly pay rate is Upvote 10 Downvote 1. Related questions: Do you have to pay for the exam? How much vacation do you get the first year? What is United States Postal Service sick leave policy? How many sick days do you get per year? Add an answer. Submit Answer. Please note that all of this content is user-generated and its accuracy is not guaranteed by Indeed or this company.Below you will see an example of the earnings statement that you receive from USPS each payday.

The exhibit is numbered red to allow easy reference of data included on your statement. After reading a reference just click Back to return to the exhibit statement. M2 would mean married with two exemptions.

ptf usps pay

S0 would mean single with no exemptions. ALMO1 would indicate the taxes were withheld to the State of Alabama for a person married claiming one exemption. Anything identified will show the dollar amount both for the pay period and year-to-date. C: Followed by a four 4 digit number would indicate a local charity campaign and where the money is sent. C SUP: Indicates child support or alimony payments. GARN: Would appear if you had a commercial garnishment levied against you.

HP: Followed by three 3 letters or numbers would show your health benefit plan enrollment code. IN: Indicates your life insurance choice. LEVY: Would show a deduction had been made for some sort of outstanding taxes. NT BK: Shows that after all deductions and allotments have been taken out, the net pay has been directly deposited to a financial institution.

A collection for a loan from the VA for schooling might be an example. It might be for a previous overpayment, a shortage, a loss of or damage to the mails, loss of or damage to USPS property or vehicles, or perhaps outstanding travel or salary advances. If you do participate in the Plan, you will see two 2 or more lines regarding the Plan. The first line would indicate either the percentage of withholdings or the dollar amount.

The amount could differ from the balance on the last pay period in the preceding leave year if you tried to carry over more than the maximum limit. The most that employees can carry over is hours.

Hopefully, nobody that we know will ever lose leave hours in this manner. Between three 3 and fifteen 15 years, we earn one hundred sixty hours per year or six 6 hours per pay period. From fifteen years on, we earn two hundred eight hours per year or eight 8 hours per pay period. Full time employees earn one hundred four hours per year or four 4 hours each full pay period.

Part time employees earn one 1 hour for each twenty 20 hours in a pay period up to a total of one hundred four hours per year. If you accumulate eighty 80 hours of LWOP within a year, your leave credits will be reduced by the amount of leave earned in one 1 pay period.

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The rare occasion is related to Night differential or Sunday Premiums. Most of the things that have been discussed here will seldom, if ever, affect you. You should get paid for the hours that you actually worked, at the rate that you should be paid, and your money should go where you intend it to go. Make sure that the premiums that you intend to be paid are actually paid. Where you work.

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WK: Specifies the week, either 1 or 2, of the pay period in which the hours were worked. If an adjustment is being made, the week that the adjustment is made for will be on that line.Anyone interested in applying for this position must go through a vigorous screening process, pass a written and drug test and provide proof of citizenship. The duties of a PTF clerk include a variety of post-office tasks, including sorting mail into post office boxes and bags for delivery, receiving packages and selling stamps and money orders.

PTF clerks must be able to lift up to 70 pounds, have a valid driver's license, be at least 18 years old and pass a Postal Service examination required for all civil-service workers. PTF clerks are not guaranteed a set number of hours per week. Hours are often reduced when mail volume is low, and clerks may be assigned to work at different offices depending on need.

A number of celebrities worked as postal clerks before discovering their true calling, including actors Bing Crosby, Sherman Hemsley and Hal Williams and football coach Knute Rockne. Normally, PTF employees become full-time regulars, but the length of time before that happens can vary greatly.

Share It. Food Preparation Hand Laborers and Copyright Leaf Group Ltd.Pay information for Postal Nurses. One chart covers the portion of the pay schedule that applies to employees hired before May 23, The second chart covers the portion of the schedule that applies to employees hired after May 22, These charts are current, correct, and programmed into the USPS payroll systems.

The charts in the ELM and some other places are outdated and not in use. In the shaded 'From Grade' sections, find the grade and step from which the employee is being promoted. In the shaded 'To Grade' section immediately below the section identified above, move down to the grade to which the employee is being promoted.

Move across to the right from the grade to which promoted, and down from the step from which promoted, and assign the intersecting step. Example, an employee is promoted from a grade 4, step H in schedule-2 to a grade 6 in schedule Go to the section marked "From Grade 4" and move across to step H. Next go down to grade 6 in the light shaded section, and move across to until to come to the intersection at step H. Assign step H as the step to which promoted.

Article 10, Section 2, of the National Agreement provides that "The leave regulations in Subchapter of the [ELM], insofar as such regulations establish wages, hours or working conditions of employees covered by this Agreement, shall remain in effect for the life of this Agreement.

Full-time career employees earn annual leave based on their number of creditable years of service in accordance with the following accrual chart:. Part-time employees earn annual leave based on their hours worked in accordance with the following chart:.

Retroactive payments for the pay increases under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, have been scheduled for Under the new — National Agreement, employees will receive four retroactive pay raises. The current rates The Collective Bargaining Agreement interest arbitration award, issued March 10,granted three general Skip to main content.

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Mail is Not for Sale! Full-Time Regular Hourly Rates. Part-Time Regular Rates. Part-Time Flexible Rates. Postal Support Employee Rates. Night Differential. Night Differential The relevant salary schedules are as follows:. Bargaining unit employees receive cost—of—living COLA as specified by their applicable collective bargaining agreement see The appointing officer has primary responsibility for setting wages of employees according to the guidelines in The bargaining unit classifications in An employee new to the Postal Service hired with a career appointment is to be paid the rate for the first step of the grade of the position for which hired, except as specified below:.

If an employee is appointed to an additional position, the compensation for the position is determined according to the rules for career appointment in See Note: See Note: Promotions to FLSA—exempt EAS—15 to EAS—18 positions that supervise two or more full-time equivalent bargaining unit employees are instead given a supervisory differential adjustment, as described in Note: For promotion from this schedule to a nonbargaining schedule, see Note: Promotions to FLSA—exempt EAS—15 to EAS 18 positions that supervise two or more full-time equivalent bargaining unit employees are instead given a supervisory differential adjustment, as described in The repromotion rule doeshowever, apply to employees promoted to other rate schedules.

How to use this chart:. The following provisions apply:. Eligibility for a periodic step increase is based on three conditions. An employee must have:. In addition to the periodic step increase, employees may be considered for a quality step increase see All waiting periods shown are expressed in weeks. Steps From — To. Mail Handlers MH Schedule. City Carriers CC Schedule. One pay period for each 2 weeks of LWOP.

If an employee is eligible for a step increase in the assigned position and is being reassigned or promoted to another position on the same date:. A higher level assignment is a temporary assignment to a ranked higher grade position, whether or not such position has been authorized at the installation.

The subcategories of such an assignment are:. Any employee, except one of those covered in The written order is accepted as authorization for higher grade pay. The failure of management to give a written order is not grounds for denial of higher level pay if the employee was otherwise directed to perform the duties of the higher level position. Adjustments and increases are made as follows:. Dual or multiple employment means that a current employee is appointed to an additional position or a new employee is appointed to two or more positions at the same time.This agreement covers, but is not limited to, part-time flexible clerk craft employees who are required, as a condition of employment, to work in installations other than their home office national case Q90C-4Q-C Doug A.

How are part-time flexible clerks scheduled when they are required to work outside their home office? How are part-time flexible clerks selected to work in other installations?

Average Salary for U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Employees

Is management required to post an advance schedule for part-time flexible clerks assigned to work outside their home office? May part-time flexible clerks working in more than one installation be required to work more than twelve hours in a service day? Which office should an employee contact when reporting an unscheduled absence?

What is the minimum number of hours in a service day that part-time flexible clerks can be scheduled or requested to work? How is the work hour guarantee determined when a part-time flexible clerk is assigned to work in a different office? When does the guarantee take effect? Does a part-time flexible clerk who returns to work on the same day receive another guarantee period?

May part-time flexible clerks be assigned to work overtime outside their home office? Does a home office part-time flexible clerk receive a preference for work hours over a part-time flexible clerk from another installation?

Does scheduling a part-time flexible clerk to another office impact leave percentages contained in the Local Memorandum of Understanding LMOU in the scheduled employee's home office?

ptf usps pay

In which office are part-time flexible clerks considered for holiday scheduling under Article May part-time flexible clerks be assigned to work in offices where full-time regular employees have been excessed?

How is a part-time flexible clerk's relative standing on the part-time flexible roll determined when assigned to another office? Is there a requirement that a part-time flexible clerk receive a sixty-day notice pursuant to Article Do the work hours of a part-time flexible clerk from another installation count for the purpose of maximization under Article 7.

B of the National Agreement?

ptf usps pay

How should compensable travel time be documented? How do part-time flexible clerks who are required to work in other installations submit requests for mileage reimbursement? Is there a limit on the number of miles part-time flexible clerks may be required to travel when assigned to another installation?

USPS Employment Benefits

Is there a limit on the number of flexible credits that may be assigned to a part-time flexible clerk? May a part-time flexible clerk who is working in more than one installation be assigned more than one scheme?

What determines the location of an employee's "immediate supervisor" and "certified steward" for the purposes of Article Back to Top The home office postmaster or designee is responsible for scheduling the work location and starting time.

The postmaster or designee in the actual work location is responsible for determining the number of hours worked. Back to Top Several factors are considered such as the required skills, availability of the part-time flexible clerks, other scheduling and leave commitments, when the request was made, etc.